The Leon in The Dog

"A Leon sleeps in the heart of the bravest being on earth" Last January we have got the pleasure to put a mark on our bucket list of photographing uncommons breeds, May I introduce you to "The Leonbergers", these gentle and fuzzy giants are Nelly (Momma Dog), and brother and sister Layla & Pushkin, the [...]

Dogs Today Magazine (UK) – Advertising

I has come to our attention that an advertising about our services has been spotted at the UK 'Dogs Today' Magazine on the August 2019 issue, sad to find out that it was actually published without our consent or any review by us, but nonetheless happy to see that at least somebody knows we exist. [...]

Fujifilm – My Life Exhibition

We are delighted to share this lovely news, our founder had being called for exhibition under the wings of Fuji Film UK tho it might not be pet relate we are excited nonetheless the exhibition is held in 3 cities (Paris, Istanbul and London) during the month of October, if you are around in London, [...]

The Kennel Club & K9 Studio Photography

We are delighted and humble by the request of the The Kennel Club UK to use 2 of our participants images for the annual photographer of the year, we didn't win but we're super excited by their request of use. The images are Solo (Former Pacific Assistance Dog Society of British Columbia Canada) part of [...]

The Exhibition in The Glasgow

"The average life expectancy rate in some parts of Glasgow is 54 in human years. This exhibition seem to say otherwise ..." From 17th of July to 20th of July took place in Glasgow - The Savoy Centre and international Photography Exhibition organized by 'The Glasgow Gallery of Photography' & COLAB Scotland from 700 entries [...]

The Measure-Walton Cats

Each cat will live about twelve years, I can't wait for that! And each cat has nine lives! That's... four times twelve... multiplied by nine times... no, it's less than that. Anyway! (Edgar, The Aristocats)