Griffin Morris

"God said I needed somebody to wake up and give kisses, pee on a tree, sleep all day, wake up again, give more kisses, then stay up until midnight, basking in the glow of the television....." ................... So GoD made a DoG.  

The Black in The Syndrome – Documentary Serie

Tongue red as an apple, dark hair as the noir, give me your heart my dear, dear 4 legged soul. What it is Black Pet Syndrome, according to Wikipedia is a phenomenon in which black dosmestic animals are passed over for adoption in favor of lighter-colored animals. Animal shelters often use the term BBD or [...]

SWPP 2018 Photography Convention – Masterclass

Hello there, we can't wait to tell you about our greatest adventure yet, to tell you about how overwhelmed and stunned we are about our 1st ever masterclass in a International Photography Convention, and whaat we talked about? well Du'h Pets and Photography easy pease to wonder right? we were 1 of the 2 pet [...]

The Wonder in the Land

“If I have a world of my own, everything would be nonsense, nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what it is, it wouldn’t be, and what wouldn’t be, would be, You See?” (Alice in Wonderland) Introducing you my Conceptual Photographic Series, based on the fantastic [...]

The Royal in the Barkers

We are the head of our state, we usually refer as our couch, until we abdicate A series of photographs of Dogs as "Head of State" or what we usually refer as the persona who officially embodies the couch, in its unity and legitimacy.  

The Dark in the One

A certain darkness is needed to see the stars A series of images to document the rewarding satisfaction and wonderfulness of the colour black,  on pets where dogs and cats whose their looks are as dark as the noir, and usually are misunderstood or ignored when adopting or getting a new pet, whether they have [...]

The Christmas in The Fido …

Where to get fido its christmas gift ... The Christmas edition of "Dog Show Venezuela Magazine" gives you an inside of what to get your pooch and where to get it done. The Cover of the Magazine by yours truly and a wonderful interview to our Lead Photographer Kristina about the job we did back [...]