The K’s in The K9

Dogs are our link to paradise … (Milan Kundera)

This is the story of the dogs behind K9 Studio Photography name, K stand for Kovack + Kenai the starters of the crazy roller coaster behind K9 Studio Photography and 9 means how long it took to achieve the goal…

Once upon a time …. in a far far faraway land, well not really that far anyways now here is how all these jumbo bumbo nonsense started

Kenai, a Siberian Husky mets Kristina on a beautiful day in March 2005, suddenly he has to leave the planet earth, Kristina is devastated of the so sudden departure.

Kristina only has 1 documentation of the brief encounter, she promised him she will now document everything of her surroundings, Kristina gets herself a digital camera.

June 2nd, same year an anonymous envelope arrives, with a note that goes “meet me at 5pm, at this address in Caurimare, Caracas, Venezuela”.

Kovack previously known as a green boy, meets Kristina.


The Rest is a Tail-wagging Adventure …