SWPP 2018 Photography Convention – Masterclass

Hello there, we can’t wait to tell you about our greatest adventure yet, to tell you about how overwhelmed and stunned we are about our 1st ever masterclass in a International Photography Convention, and whaat we talked about? well Du’h Pets and Photography easy pease to wonder right? we were 1 of the 2 pet photography masterclass in the whole convention, the other was the lovely Maria Michael from Detheo Photography you can check her website for more about her class.

So we had 2 hours full of laughs and oohhh and awwsss chating a bit about us and what we do and are passioned for, we chatted about the niche of pet photography, not so many thinks this been relevant but from 5 years ago to now people is getting quite interested in the niche, anyway our helpers in this journey were Enzo Sebastiani and Emily Journett. Our 1st hour was all about Equipment, and not the one you all photograhers are thinking about ha! (there goes that awkward moment yes?) Toys & Snacks, Lighting, Sets and Props, preparation before the session, the actual session and about differente Pets espicies and post production and post processing, the thing we think brough all these gorgeous and amazing photographers to our masterclass the Live Demo, we prepared for them to experience

Please find attache some images and of course the Demo and their finished images

Live Demo Images

The Video so you can have a laugh on our behalf

and for the finished images you can visit Alan High Photography (http://www.ahighphotography.co.uk/your-gallery/hard-life-dog/)

and Flying Canadian Animals Photography