Kenai, a Siberian Husky meets Kristina on a beautiful day in March 2005, suddenly he has to leave the planet earth, Kristina is devastated of the so sudden departure.

Kristina only has 1 documentation of the brief encounter, she promised him she will now document everything of her surroundings, Kristina gets herself a digital camera.

June 2nd, same year an anonymous envelope arrives, with a note that goes “meet me at 5pm, at this address in Caracas, Venezuela”.

Kovack previously known as a Green Collar Boy, meets Kristina.

The Rest is a Tail-wagging Adventure …

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God said I need somebody to wake up and give kisses, pee on a tree, sleep all day, wake up again, give more kisses, then stay up until midnight, basking in the glow of the television.
So God made a Pet.

| REG#: J-40218661-4 | WPPIUSA-W42518 | AVECOFA-1590 | PPA-8247984 | SWPPUK-136134 |
Kristina Zambrano – MVOStJ (Most Venerable Order of St John)